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                                                                                     MAIN HOSTEL 2017 - 2018


           Warden                                    :   Dr. D. Gretta Mary Thenral - Principal

          Deputy Warden                         Dr. S. Subadra, Asst. Professor and HOD  Commerce

          Committee Members                :  Dr. D. Barathi,  Associate Professor and HOD  of Physics

                                                                 Dr. P. Suganthi, Asst. Professor and HOD  of Computer Science


            The Main hostel was established in the year 1975. In the Academic year 2017-18, 185 students were admitted in the hostel. For the welfare of the hostel students, the following activities were taken by the Administrative Board of the hostel.  

·         Renovation work was done and painting was done for the entire hostel at the cost of Rs.3,25,000.

·         One additional sweeper has been appointed for cleaning the hostel.

·         Samsung LED TV has been purchased for the worth of Rs.35000.

·         Kitchen vessels have been purchased for the cost of around Rs.15000.

Various programmes were organized for the students of Main hostel

             Hostel Annual Day was celebrated on 27.03.2018. Principal and Warden Dr. D. Gretta Mary Thenral delivered a presidential address and the Senior Staff Members Mrs. P. Revathi, Associate Professor and Head, Department of Mathematics, Dr. D. Barathi, Associate Professor and Head, Department of Physics and Mrs. V. Emimal Navajothi, Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics presented felicitation. Deputy Warden and Assistant Professor and Head, Department of Commerce presented Annual Report for the year 2017-18 and proposed Vote of Thanks. Miss.S. Uma, II year MSc Mathematics welcomed the gathering. Miss. K. Kalaivani, II year MSc Physics acted as the Master of the Ceremony. Hostel Matron Miss. P. Gajalakshmi and hostel students made all the arrangements for the function. Cultural programmes were organized by the hostel students. 

Various competitions such as Throw ball, Lemon and spoon, Eating competition, Musical chair and Lucky corner were organized and prizes were distributed on 27.03.2018 in the eve of hostel annual day.


 A comedian as well as Students Trainer Mr. Dhamu had a discussion with our hostel students.


A Programme was organised on ‘Psychological Awareness’ by the District Child Protection Unit Counsellor Mrs. R. Ramola. 


A Programme titled ‘How to take care of Health?’ was organized and our college well wisher and the Vice President of Thangam Hospital Dr. K. Malliga Kulandaivel delivered a speech on it.


A Programme was conducted by Vazhga Valamudan Yoga Teachers  Mrs. V. Vijayalakshmi and     Mrs. I.Revathi on ‘Yoga and its benefits’

  Admission Procedure

    Application for admission to the hostel should be made in the prescribed form which ca be get from the hostel on payment of Rs. 20 and Rs.2000 is collected for deposit purpose which is returned to the students when she relived from the hostel.

·         No student will be allowed to stay in the hostel without formal admission.

·         A responsible person parent / guardian who will comply with the formalities and

         procedure for admission must accompany the candidate.

·         All charges/ expenses prescribed in the application from or any other documents

        are subject to change without notice.

Room Allotment

·         No choice/change of room will be entertained and student shall be allotted room

         on first come first serve basis

·         Allotment is done five/six students per room on occupancy basis. 


·    Consumption use possession of alcoholic drinks, drugs, cigarettes and explosives in the hostel premises are strictly prohibited and are liable to severe disciplinary action.

·     No student will remain in hostel during college unless permitted clean which are subjected to inspections/checks/search.

·     Student will keep their respective rooms/ and hostel immediately.

·     Man- handling is crime, No student will indulge/participate in any individual or group leading to a brawl/fight.

·     Hostel Entry and Exit : All student while entering/exiting the hostel will make relevant entries in the entry/exit register kept in the hostel.

Norms General

·     All students will adopt respectful approach toward their seniors and hostel and hostel staff.

·     Students in case of any indifference or indiscipline involvement in the hostel will be subjected to disciplinary action against them.

·     It is in the interest of students that they acquaint/read the hostel rules, procedures and Norma carefully to enable them to lead a peaceful co-existence and pursuer them at dues with positive bend of mind.


·         Food will be served at the following timing.

Tea                       : 6AM to 7AM

Breakfast                : 8AM to 9AM

Lunch                     : 12PM to 2.30PM

Snacks and Tea        :  5PM to 6PM

Dinner                     :  8PM to 9PM

·     No wastage of food will be accepted

·     All suggestions/ observations regarding quality of food, desire of change/suggestions for improvement in the mess will be recorded by the students in the meeting.

·     No food will be served in the hostel rooms (expect on medical/ground) without permission.


·         Hostel main gate will be locked at 6.30 pm everyday

·         All students will back to their rooms after taking the attendance by 6 pm daily.

·         No student is permitted to go home or stay out of the hostel without a written request from the parent/guardian and permission of deputy warden.

·         Visitors are permitted to meet their wards in the hostel during weekends with the permission of deputy warden.

·         Guests are not permitted to stay overnight in the hostel.

·         Day’s scholars are not permitted in the hostel.

·          All visitors will fill in relevant details in the visitor register and sing.


·     Ragging is a cognizable offence

·     Ragging in any form is strictly prohibited and those who indulge in such activities will be subjected to severe disciplinary action. This may entail suspension/expulsion from the hostel/college.

Repairs and Maintenance:

·     Details of all types of repairs to be carried out in hostel rooms/toilets/baths or any related works will be recorded in the register by the student and progressed by the PWD department.